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Is this Star B a Fake?

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I know this has been beat to death, but what is the deal with this gun.....bear with me my brain is simple. The WaA251 is faint. Should this serial # have a WaA?
Someone with knowledge please explain to me in non-powdercoat what I have here. You won't hurt my feeling, you are a good bunch of folks and your opinions count to me!

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Pancho, Ed, this data for the Bulgarian Star B Pistols corresponds to the gap in the delivery of German Star B's shown on Page 339 of Jan's "Axis Pistol" Book.

Serial Numbers 223776-225006 Delivered July 26, 1943 WaA251

Gap for Bulgarian Star B's, Fakes This data was not reported by Jan, but inserted by me for clarity.

Serial Numbers 244503-247002 Delivered May 29, 1944 WaAD20
Pancho, NO, I was agreeing with you. The data I show from Jan's Book are in two lines. The center line showing the Bulgarian Shippment corresponds with the data in your table, thus the Bulgarian serial numbers are in the gap between the two shippments from Star to Germany!! Sorry for the confusion!
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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