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Jäger Pistols

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Hello Jan,

it is nice, that this wonderful forum works again and I am very sorry, that so many good information and pictures of the old forum have been lost.
Good luck and joy in the work with the new forum wishes


Here are my fotos again.

Download Attachment: Jäger 007.jpg

Download Attachment: Jäger 008.jpg

Download Attachment: Jäger 009.jpg

Download Attachment: Jäger 012.jpg

Download Attachment: Jõger.jpg

It is an assumption, that there still is a third variant.
Sn 2052 shows no milling for the dismantling thorn of the mag..
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Is the magazine for your early Jager pistol marked
or numbered in any way?

Rich M.
Hello Again Fritz,

Is there any possibility that you could post an image of your Jager's numbered magazine bottom?
Sorry to be a bother, but does the magazine without a
dismantling thorn also go with your pistol # 2052 ?
In either case, is that one also serial numbered ?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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