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Nice sectionalized drawing...you don't see that too often. It is strange that it would be marked with the first two digits, unless the other two were polished off!! But it sure doesn't look like that happened. Is it common for the Jager to have Belgian proofs and acceptance marks? I only had one Jager and for the life of me I can't remember the proofs!!


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Fritz & Dave-

I'd be willing to bet that the '39' was stamped after
the gun left the factory, as these early examples were
originally serial numbered on the right side of the gun.

As for the Belgian proofs, this is the first one reported here, and likely anywhere else, to be so marked. Put together with the British and Austrian stamped ones reported earlier, it appears this model got around a bit more than I would have imagined!

Thanks for shedding light on this one, Fritz.

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