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Here is my latest Cz find.

I picked this up on one of the auction sights

Download Attachment: jlion27ls.jpg

Download Attachment: jlion27rs.jpg

Download Attachment: Jlion27cet.jpg

I rate the pistol at at least 90% with vey nice straw. I have never determined if the Pistols were made in the white and then proofed or if they all are refinished. If you look close on the photo of the Jlion27 CET marking you will see the C^Z marking that is very light. It has been polished so much as to remove most of the marking. But when you look at the J lion27 CET marking you can still see all of the displaced metal rom the stamping. I do not know if the pistol was produced, and proofed then polished and finished then the Jlion27 CET markings applied. The CZ26 on the Left side slide belone the grasping grooves as well as the frame serial number and the other C^Z markings are all polished prior to the finish.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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