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J.P.Sauer & Sohn, Suhl--model vintage?

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This pistol was aquired in N.Africa/Italy during the War, reportedly an officer's sidearm. It is marked as Cal. 7,65m/m, Ser.#206589 posted on the right-rear of the frame, carries a crown over N mark immediately behind the trigger housing on the right frame and at the rear of the slotted,knurled barrel terminus. Grips are Bakelite--intact. Overall barrel length is 5 1/2" and measures 4" from base grip to top of the barrel. Blued finish probably 80+% intact. Holster is a plain brown soft leather with retaining strap, belt loop on back, and spare magazine pouch. No obvious markings on the holster. My questions are what model this might represent and, given the lack of any military proofs, if this represents a private ownership carried into combat?
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Your serial number suggests that it is a Sauer Behorden or either a 1930 Sauer. It was private purchase as no military examples are known to exist.
Given those two possible models, can you point me to a reference that would lead to a firm id and possible value? The photo examples I've seen posted reflect a more squared shape to the barrel than my version which has smoother rounded contours. Thanks again.
A more rounded slide would tend to indicate a Sauer Model 1913, a popular model for private purchase discontinued in the 1930's. It was also purchase for the German military during WWI. Several variations exist. The best price reference for Sauer's I have found is the Standard Catalog of Firearms, published annually by Krause Publications. The pictures are a great help, and the information on Sauer's is first rate.
Doug, thank you for the reference. I think it's a Behorden model based on browsing various sites. I'll nail it given your reference. Appreciate the input. bd
Please keep us advised. Any information on a previously unknown Sauer model/number is of interest to me, and to other Sauer collectors I'm sure. Any chance of pictures?
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