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JAGA , 6.35mm and holster

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Pictured here is an example of a pre-war Czech JAGA pistol that was a personal sidearm for a Wehrmacht officer. The German Captain was in the Quartermaster Corps [ supply ] who was over 6 foot tall and weighted more than 300 lbs at time of capture, some 30 miles north of Munich in April of 1945. It would appear that not all of the supplies reach the front. This pistol was the forerunner of the Czech Duo and ceased production in late 1939 or early 1940.

Download Attachment: holster front.JPG

Download Attachment: holster rear.JPG

Download Attachment: holster exposed.JPG

Download Attachment: pistol left side.JPG

Download Attachment: close up left side.JPG
142.97KB The Prague proofhouse stampings are as follows; the 5304 th pistol tested , Prague proofmark of the standing lion overimposed on a capital letter N , in the year 1939.

Download Attachment: pistol right side.JPG

Download Attachment: grip logo.JPG

Download Attachment: barrel proofmark.JPG
140.08KB Perhaps a better picture of the Czech Proof Mark from the Prague proof house.
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