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Jap Type 14 (Nambu) Transition Rig

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Here is a picture I snapped today of my early large trigger guard Transition (October 1939) Type 14 (Nagoya Nambu Factory) pistol that I finally got fully accessorized. There were only a little over 1,000 produced with this month-year date. Many were lost in China. I got the holster and most of the accessories from Wally Morishige who I ran into back at the SOS in Louisville last week. Come to find out he lives right here in Las Vegas and his home is just several blocks from one of my offices. One magazine matches the pistol. The 8mm Nambu ammunition is a 15 round box dated 1945 and I know it is upside down in the picture.

Download Attachment: Jap Type 14 Transitional Rig.jpg
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Very, very nice.
I covet the lanyard.

Thanks for the compliment on the transition Type 14 Rig. You have some very nice Japanese pistols on your site--along with a BUNCH of other outstanding collectible pistols. I must again thank you for the excellent resource that your collectible pistol site offers the vintage pistol collector. It is one of my "favorite designated" places and I frequent it often. I can't begin to imagine how much effort and work you have put into that outstanding presentation of pictures and data! I look forward to meeting you one of these days. Maybe next year at SOS and NGD.
Excellent photograph of a 14.10 Nambu complete rig.

Thank you for the compliment! Any chance you are going to make it down to one of the Nevada gun shows one of these days? Hope to meet you sometime!
I will be at the Reno Show(April 23-25) with a table. Hope to see you there.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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