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Hello friends,
I guess that the historical pictures are an important field of research. I am going to summarize there the result of a study I have performed concerning Johan Benjamin Jauhiainen, Finnish Army Officer with his Prize LP08. Some other pictures and information are available in my web site:
please have a look and let me know your opinion.

“Hello friends,
In this little document I have summarized the result of a research concerning Johan Benjamin Jauhiainen, a Finnish Officer who had a big role in the 1918 Finnish independence war.
Jauhiainen was born on 31.07.1895.
During WWI, he was one of circa 1900 soldiers that went to Germany for military training in 1915-18. In particular he spent time in the Jaeger Battalion 27 for MG training and then on 1917 as extra training for explosives and explosions (I am going to buy a picture to cover this point in the near future).
From June 1916 to February 1917 he took a part to WW I (with about other 1.300 Finland soldiers) against the Russians on Riga front line in Latvia.
In this period he became a big enthusiast of the LP08 and then he decided to employ this pistol as his personal pistol.
A hand made holster was done to fit his LP08.
Jauhiainen, with other 100 men, came back to Finland in December 1917 w/ his LP08 and other two huge gun cargo. Most of them were ordered to training Home Guards around Finland.
On February/May 1918 they took a part to Finland’s struggle for independence on the White’s side.
After the Civil War these men were as a back bone of independence Finland’s Army.
Jauhiainen served in the army in the Wyborg´s Battalion.
During the Winter War 1939-40 he was as battalion commander (35 Infantry Regiment) in North Carelia.
Jauhiainen fought on WWII as Major and starting from 1944 as Ltn. Colonel (51 Infantry Regiment).
He was retired in 1945.
He died 1959.
I am going to buy some other pictures in the near future, in particular related to the Jauhiainen’s MG training, in order to complete my collection about Johan Benjamin Jauhiainen.
I guess that it is a big result to find pictures like these one where it is possible to trace the life of the person depicted. I don’t know a lot of example like this one and so I am very proud of my discover.
I hope you appreciate.”



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