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I came across a Sauer & Sohn pistol that is, according to the 2000 Standard Catalog of Firearms, a Type Five Model 38, First Variation. According to that source, this pistol is a post-war assembly.

I just picked it up at the 01 FFL. The pistol was in a neighboring state, so I paid 185 for the pistol, 15 to have it shipped, and 25 for the transfer. Even so, I am pleased with the results. SN is 5081XX. Slide SN matches frame. Grips are perfect. Mag is in great shape. Good bore. Only markings on slide are CAL. 7.65. There is no slide-mounted safety.

Only markings on frame are the SN. Mag drops clean when mag released is pushed. Mag release is held in place by a flush mounted screw. Has a frame-mounted hammer drop safety that works perfectly. The screws appear untouched. There is no rust under the grips. The left grip has the Sauer und Sohn logo. Right grip lacks any logo. Grips are some sort of black plastic with molded in checkering. Trigger is alloy.

I am amazed at the substantial nature of the frame. Quite a bit of steel. Appears to be forged and milled steel. The pistol is not smoothly finished. This is to expected of a late war pistol. Appears to have had a very thin park-type finish.

I suspect this pistol has been sitting in a dresser drawer for some time. It is a nice investment/addition.

The pistol fits my hand well. I am looking forward to trying it out with some ball .32 acp.

Any and all comments are welcome.

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I find these last Sauer pistols very interesting.
Several combinations of parts and finish may appear.
Many are left unfinished, or "in the white" it seems.
Since the Sauer factory was denied the privelige of
reopening in order to supply souvenirs to our GI's,
it is thought most of these last gasp guns were put
together in the basements of former Sauer employees!

Rich M.

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congratulations for this rare bird! Some details, I liked to know: has the slide an inscription, like "CAL. 7,65" ? What markings can be found on the inner side of the grips? Probably "1A" in a circle, or? It also would be nice, if you would let us know the full serial number for Jim Cate's Sauer database. Finally, photos would be just great!! maybe, your post war "GI variation" has some unusual features, as sometimes unusual pre-production parts were used. As Rich M. said: most of em were put together inofficially...

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