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On today's Zoom my addition of a Kü Luger was discussed . It’s Kü after #1325. Unfortunately It was terribly neglected and arrived rusty and tired . I cleaned it up pretty well , but I have more to do . I put some nice authentic black grips on it for a little shazam , but I won’t separate the original wood ones that are numbered to the gun . The toggle is byf and the chamber date is 1941 . The rear toggle pin is blank , and the firing pin is numbered to the gun . The bolt has the LZA acceptance stamp as well as the right side of the receiver. The barrel also bears the LZA stamp and the W/154 stamp indicating a 1935 G Date production. The barrel is also marked S/42 which denotes armorers replacement.
I find these fascinating .
Air gun Grey Gun barrel Gun accessory Revolver

Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Wood Gun accessory

Tool Metal Gun accessory Fashion accessory Artifact

Bicycle part Gas Wood Tool Metal

Gesture Wood Bicycle part Tool Bumper

Bicycle part Material property Rim Metal Carbon

Idiophone Musical instrument Composite material Gas Bell

Bicycle part Material property Nickel Metal Tool

Bicycle frame Bicycle part Wood Cylinder Rim

Automotive tire Bicycle part Rim Automotive wheel system Auto part

Automotive tire Bicycle part Rim Cylinder Material property

Rectangle Silver Material property Font Tints and shades

Wood Font Artifact Flooring Fashion accessory

Wood Grey Font Rectangle Artifact

Line Office supplies Metal Gun accessory Steel

Bicycle part Bicycle Bicycle handlebar Bicycle chain Bicycle frame

Grey Automotive design Font Pattern Metal

Automotive tire Font Tire Tints and shades Auto part

Wood Grey Font Tints and shades Monochrome

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Ed, cool. I got the loading tool :giggle:
Wood Tool Metal Fashion accessory Household hardware
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