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Two imperial P08 holsters of mine are each marked inside lid with K.B.A.G. (could also be K.B.I.G.)and 1915, ink stamped inside a 4x1.5 cm rectangle.(picture 1)
One holster is marked 1915, the other 1916?, and both were made by S.P.Werkgenossenschaft /Berlin (picture 2).

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Anyone know the meaning of this mark? Another LP08 holster by same maker does not bear this mark.

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K.B.A.G. signifies: Kreigs-Bekleidungsamt des Gardekorps which translates to: War clothing Depot of the Garde Corps (Noll, page 49). This is the depot that issues clothing and holsters to the Garde troops.
Have observed on both P08 and LP08 holsters. It is not a common stamp.
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