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Hi, this P08 has already been posted here on the Forum twice about 10-11 years ago by two previous owners and has been in my safe for a couple of months now but with added value.
Today, after 23 days of travel, I received a magazine with the same number as the gun.
With this post I want to thank two members of the Forum, first Justin who noticed that there is a gun with the same numbers and a big thanks to Jerry Burney who decided to leave the mag to me so I could match it.
Thanks Justin!!!
Thanks Jerry!!!
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I've only matched up two lugers for other people...but one was a Krieghoff. He was happy.

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Congrats an looks very nice.

I have only matched up one .
HK 5310 and the mag is pictured in pic thread .
Went to HK 5310 in Austria.

Side note; look close at serial fonts in pic of mag bottom, takedown lever and receiver serial .
Note they are not the same .
This is not unusual and I have seen HK's repeatedly crucified for it .

Sorry for off track comments but this is a stellar example.

Again congrats and nice gun.
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