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Left side - Serial No. 438

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Left side markings - Serial No. 438

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Right side - Serial No. 438

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Right side markings - Serial No. 438

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Top view - Serial No. 438

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Frame - Serial No. 438

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Magazine - Serial No. 438

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"A" picture does shout a thousand words and you did better than justice.


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Another outstanding display and presentation.
Its been reported that one of KL1933 has been X-rayed and there is an imperial date under the KL1933 (or KI). Its always been a mystery to me who reworked them and who used them. Any ideas?

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Jim Cate and Nico Van Gijn, in the November "Automag", published a well-researched and -considered speculation that these pistols were assembled from leftover Erfurt parts, some of them rejects, by "Werkstatt (workshop) Klett", an old gunmaking family workshop within the Simson/BSW plant. These were assembled to augment new-manufactured stock and increase pistol production. The Kl (for Klett) chamber marking was included to conform to liability laws requiring rework arsenals to identify their work (thus VoNo and Anschutz [and I might also include Frankenschloss--DG]; this would protect Simson itself from product liability at need. The chamber date was added pursuant to the 1910, 1923, and 1932 Army marking regulations.

The published explanation is much more detailed and documented than this brief synopsis. The authors are continuing research on the topic, but are convinced of the truth of their thesis.

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