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klaus, fritz, villiers - Bitte helfen Sie mir!

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I have noted from many of your posts on this forum that you seem to have considerable knowledge of unit markings. As you can see from the following thread, I am researching Weimar police marks, partly to resolve the uncertainty in the marking of my gun and partly because I've become a bit obsessed!

Part of my quest is to determine if there was a major reorganization of Police Schools between the issuance of the Prussian regulations in 1922 and the amendment of those regulations in 1932. Any information you may have on this will be most welcome, including your opinion on the logic that new Police Schools established between 1922 and 1932 would have almost certainly used the marking format of the 1922 regulations.

Thanks very much for your help.

P.S. Please don't reply in German. I used up nearly all I remember in the subject line!
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Don, I wish the others had answered this one - but - here goes:-

I don´t think that the stamp P.M can adequately be assessed by limiting reference to the „Prussian Interior Administration“ regulations (12th April 1922).

Bavaria was a separate entity and had its own government and regulations. The Bavarian post WWI Police Defence Force (Polizei Wehr – Pw) was established in 1919 but only lasted for about two years. During 1922, the Bavarian Police was re-organised as the Landespolizei (LaPo). There were no further government regulations governing weapons stamps. Every unit used its own devices.

As the letter “M” is not included in the Prussian Police stamp list (except for “Schutzpolizei Münster´ - SM), but is definitely included in the Bavarian Police list (Kommando München – `M´), it would seem likely that “M.” denotes Munich.

The P. would normally denote a Police Academy (Polizeischule). But the only example I could find was “P.R.” used for the Bavarian “Polizei-Reitschule” (Police School of Horsemanship).

The full stop after each letter coincides with the Bavarian usage.

Thus P.M. would very likely denote the Bavarian Police Academy in Munich (always assuming that this really is a Police model P 08)

I hope that this might be of some help – but German unit markings (especially during this period) will always remain an enigma.

Further information is readily available (http://www.polizeigeschichte.de/). This organisation, I am sure, would be more than pleased to answer queries (even in English).

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