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Peter and John
(Note: this post summarizes interesting information from Peters thread that is not found in Third Reich Lugers. This is an excellent format to update that book. For more details see Lugercollector’s post “A Brace of Navies”; re-posted to un-bury it, in hopes of getting some serial number data. )

Over the last 15 years, a number of Third Reich Era Army Lugers have been boosted by adding Kriegsmarine property numbers. (To my knowledge this is strictly a Waffenfabrik USA accomplishment.) A collector has to be very careful when purchasing a Kreigsmarine Luger. Checking to see that the potential purchase falls in the correct serial range is indispensable.

Peter posted , Kreigsmarine 1940 42 code Luger, serial number 5932z and N/3880. It is not in the 1940 42 code Kreigsmarine list serial number range found on page 108 of Third Reich Lugers. On page 108 all the reported N property number 1940 42 code Lugers have property numbers in the N/4282 to N/4860 range.

John independently posted another 1940 42 code consecutive in serial number to Peters, serial number 5931z and N/3877. In my opinion, another Kreigsmarine 1940 42 code consecutive in serial number to the Peters gives great credibility to both Kriegsmarine Lugers. Another plus, is that both Lugers are in Canada mostly beyond the reach of Waffenfabrik USA.

It appears that the 1940 42 code serial range starts with a lower serial number (or overlaps more) than the 7700z range indicated in Third Reich Lugers on page 65. The 5900 z range for the start (or overlap) of the 1940 42 code range is a more accurate estimate.

Based on the above two Kreigsmarine Lugers, the N property range 1940 42 code Kreigsmarine Lugers start in about the 5900z serial range and in the N/3800 property range.

Kreigsmarine 1939 42 code, serial number 5080z and N/3960 is shown on page 178 of Axis Pistols, First Edition.

Additional serial numbers(and property numbers if Kreigsmarine) of 1939 and 1940 dated 42 code Lugers in the transition serial range would help narrow the gap. So far we have:

1939 42 code serial number, 5080z and property number N/3690
1940 42 code serial number, 5931z and property number N/3877
1940 42 code serial number, 5932z and property number N/3880

To better close the transition between the 1939 42 code Lugers and the 1940 42 code lugers, what is the serial number of your 1940 42 code.

Jan, sorry for the late reply. I reread the thread and realized that my 40-42 is more than a couple of hundred away from the one Peter posted. I looked at the other number he mentioned and that is the one I had figured from. If it is any help the number on mine is 8614z. No property markings on it.

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This discussion reminds me that several years ago, I observed some of the lugers imported from the eastern bloc and out of one box came 1940 42 code luger with property marking N5008 on the back strap. I don't know the serial number but do know the owner although he probably doesn't have it anymore. However, I now know the property numbers run to at least N5008 in 1940.

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