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Between 1920 and 1940 the weapon factory Theodor Kommer, Zella -Mehlis manufactured three nearly same pistols in the caliber 6.35 which are different in the grip form and grip length only easily.
Though there is a strange variety of marking and grip plate variants.

Since Kommer pistols only can be found very rare, one can make hardly statements about the production numbers.

It is particularly strange that some weapons examined by me are not showing any SN but only internal manufacturing numbers.

Whittington shows in his Vol.II on page 235-236 a Kommer Mod.III # 16222 with E/N proof on frame, slide and barrel.
The pistol pictured here shows only one E/N mark on the frame. No SN, only the internal number 5 on frame ,slide and barrel.
On the top of the slide one can read -TH. Kommer Waffenfabrik Zella -Mehlis. This stamping is executed very badly.
Oviously the frame is slight refinished.

Somebody can help me to collect more serial numbers of the model III.
Special such with E/N.


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