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As promised, yesterday, here are some further details and pictures on the Kriegsmarine HSc rig I just acquired.

This is a fairly early variation 2 serial number 708062 (serial range according to Axis Pistols Pg.172 is 707518--851751) and the 8,062 HSc pistol produced by Mauser (about 225,000 HSc's produced during WWII). These Kriegsmarine HSc pistols were commercial production that the Navy secured independently of the usual or normal process. According to Robert D. Whittington in gGerman Pistols and Holsters 1934-1945h page number 297 there was a total of 7,000 (in the 707000--788000 serial range) of the commercial Hsc pistols secured by the Kriegsmarine. Whittington further states that there was a total of 28,500 HSc pistols purchased by the Navy. Jan C. Still in "Axis Pistols" pg. 172 says "the Kriegsmarine procured about 14,000 HSc's from 1940 until war's end". In any event, the Kriegsmarine only procured about 6% to maybe as much as 12% of total HSc's manufactured.

This HSc has the early features including the cross hatched sight plane and the lanyard loop. The fit and finish is extraordinary--very nicely polished and high luster blue commercial type finish. There is some thinning of the blue on the front and rear grip straps--just enough to make you feel very comfortable about the originality of the finish. This is a very excellent condition HSc especially when you consider it was a Navy pistol. It has been used (handled) but been well taken care of. The wooden grips are very nicely checkered and in very excellent condition with no cracks, dings or dents of any consequence. The internals including the barrel bore are pristine.

The pistol is all matching including the frame, slide and barrel. The E/N proofs are present on the barrel right front slide at nose and the frame on right rear trigger guard. The E/S/M Kriegsmarine (Marinen Waffenamt acceptance stamp) is located on the high front grip strap.

The pistol came with two (2) flat base mauser banner magazines that are both in excellent near new condition.

The pistol holster is exactly like the one pictured on page #139 of "German Pistols and Holster 1934-1945 Volume III" by Robert D. Whittington III. It has the E/S/M Kriegsmarine acceptance stamp is on the front of the holster body/shell visible only when holster flap is elevated--see photographs. The holster has one flaw--some time in the distant past the belt loop has been replaced, again--see pictures. Overall the holster (brown in color) is in very good condition.

I am very pleased to add this Kriegsmarine HSc rig to my collection. Now on to the pictures--any comments or additional information I may have missed is very welcome. THANKS!
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine HSc Left Side.jpg
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine HSc Right Side.jpg
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine HSc Front Grip Markings.jpg
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine HSc Slide Serial Number.jpg
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine HSc Barrel Serial Number.jpg
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine HSc Barrel Eagle N marking.jpg
Download Attachment: HSc Mauser Banner Magazines.jpg
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine HSc Rear of Holster.jpg
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine HSc Holster.jpg
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine HSc Holster Open.jpg
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine Holster Marking.jpg
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine HSc Rig.jpg

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Lloyd, Suffice to say this is a simply gorgeous! Nothing like an early low-number Mauser high polish blue job with nicely-grained walnut grips! I'm wiping drool off my keboard as I type. Excellent presentation by the way.

Is this the KM HSc that you mentioned in a previous thread? I'm trying to acquire a nice Type 2 KM for my own collection and it appears that there is one less available. Can you describe where the approximate size of KM proof on the holster? I have a similar holster I would like to confirm this proof/style. If you ever want to get rid of the rig, make sure you let all of us out here drooling know. Good Hunting!


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Thank you my collector friends for your kind remarks about this Kriegsmarine HSc rig I was very foutunate to acquire. Special thanks to my buddy Dean (Dgiz) for making the introduction to the collector I acquired the pistol rig from. My Best Wishes to each of you and yours during this Holiday Season! and the BEST of Luck as you search out new vintage pistol additions for your collections!!
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