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At a local gun show this past weekend, I came upon
(what I consider to be) quite an odd duck piece.
It was a Belgian .32 acp Melior pocket auto with
some very unusual markings. In addition to several
normal Belgian proofs, there were at least three
Eagle/N stamps - on the frame, slide and chamber.
Not so unusual yet, but there was also a (very small)
additional stamp on the forward web of the trigger
guard,located on the left hand side of the pistol.
I probably wouldn't have even noticed it had the
dealer not pointed it out. Using a pocket magnifier
revealed the imprint to be a Waffen style eagle with
a capital M under the left wing, and a tiny numeral
"8" beneath the right wing.

The story that accompanied the weapon is that it came
home with a sailor, who'd recovered it from a U Boat
that was surrendered at the end of the war. I've done
business with this particular vendor for several years
now, and he is very upfront with his descriptions.
I was intrigued, but not enough to purchase the gun in
question, so there are no photos I can offer to post.
Is anyone else out there familiar with another Melior
similar in markings to this one? (Sorry that I didn't
think at the time to record the serial number ...)
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