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Well, it was my good fortune this past weekend to acquire several WWII era Mauser pistol rigs out of an old collection. My “collecting buddy in crime” Dean Gizzi (dgiz) and I met up with this collector in California and had the pleasure of viewing and buying some pieces from his collection that he recently decided to sell. The vault door slammed shut after this so we were pleased to get a shot at the pieces he was letting loose. One of these rigs I acquired, a Kriegsmarine Model 1934 first variation N property marked with a Kriegsmarine accepted holster and two (2) matching N property marked magazines, is presented here for your viewing pleasure. I won’t go into a lot of dialogue about this pistol and the specifications (Jan does an exceptional job reviewing the four variations in his book “Axis Pistols” under the Kreigsmarine Pistols section). Suffice it to say this is a very exceptional condition pistol with around 98% bluing and a very excellent condition Kriegsmarine accepted holster. There is some very light high edge holster wear on the pistol but it certainly does not take away from the beautiful high gloss commercial polish finish. The metal polishing and the fit and finish of the pistol components is of the highest pre war type craftsmanship. The wood grips are in very nice condition with just some minor abrasion. The internal parts and the bore are pristine and the pistol exhibits much evidence of having been well cared for. The gentleman I acquired the pistol rig from has had it in his collection for about thirty (30) years. I have also acquired (as mentioned out of this same collection) a Mauser M1934 E/655 test proof rig with capture declaration and a Mauser WTP II rig both of which I will be presenting here on this forum as I have the time. Anyway on to the pictures of the Kreigsmarine M1934 rig. Thanks and Best Regards to all of you collector friends out there in this New Year!!
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine M1934 Left Side.jpg
65.11 KB
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine M1934 Right Side.jpg
66.91 KB
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine M1934 Rig.jpg
83.23 KB
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine M1934 Angle shot left side.jpg
49.55 KB
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine M1934 Close Up Left Side.jpg
59.28 KB
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine M1934 Front Grip Property Mark.jpg
26.66 KB
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine M1934 Crown U Proof.jpg
50.31 KB
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine M1934 Magazine Property Marks.jpg
61.76 KB
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine M1934 Holster Front.jpg
59.85 KB
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine M1934 Holster Rear.jpg
55.11 KB
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine M1934 Holster Front Open.jpg
61.54 KB
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine M1934 Holster Marking.jpg

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Re: final photo of holster stamps...is the Swastika really 'Left handed' as shown in the photo? If so, I would question it as I have never seen any such swastikas except when a flag or emblem is shown from the back side...


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Very GOOD EYE! In the process of taking the picture of the holster Kreigsmarine mark I had to shoot it upside down. Well, when I was croping and reorienting the picture I must have fliped it around the wrong way or something. It is indeed right handed on the holster. I have corrected the picture on my original posting. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!
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