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In as much as the collecting world is still purchasing fake KM Radom's I thought that perhaps the collecting world would appreciate a look at a real one along with a real KM proofed holster. I have no doubts as to the validity of the holster seeing that it came out of New Zealand and neither should you. The pistol is also correct in every facet also. Study the features and be prepared for the next encounter. For those of you who are interested, the holster is much rarer than the pistol.

holster front.JPG
Make note of the location of the KM proofmark. I have seen more faked KM holsters than real ones but none have been where , all that I have seen, are located in between or just below the beltloops. None of which that were located on the front body have been shown to be original.

holster rear.JPG

holster KM eagle proof.JPG
The code appears to be "grz" and the year is 194x, which I believe is 1942. I have a number of these holsters with only three digits with the fourth digit being a blank space. The waffenamt proof is visiable but could only venture a guess as to what it is.

inside flap markings.JPG

pistol left side.JPG
Please make note as to the location and style of eagle. It is located here ALWAYS and with this style of eagle ONLY.

left side close up.JPG

KM eagle close up.JPG

serial number.JPG
Whether or not your pistol has a complete set of fleet numbers applied to the pistol ALL RADOMS will at least have the letter N pantograph copied on the front gripstrap.

gripstrap marking.JPG
All KM Radoms will have an lanyard ring INSTALLED but removed prior to issue and show evidence of its past removal.Inaddition, while not shown here, all KM Radoms will have blued barrels as viewed through the ejection port.

bottom frame.JPG

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