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Both of these Lugers started out as 1917 DWM production. Both are mismatched "shooters" but both have some of the stamps associated with the Ku marked guns although neither carry the Ku stamp.

The first one has the receiver from a Navy.

Download Attachment: MVC-185S.JPG

Download Attachment: MVC-184S.JPG

42 code replacement barrel with a SE 63 acceptance stamp. Note the neat work.

Download Attachment: MVC-186S.JPG

The frame is #3821t which could very well be from a 1939 42 code Mauser and has no tie into the upper portion.

The second one started out as an Artillery and also got a 42 code replacement barrel and one "Ku type" stamp.

Download Attachment: MVC-187S.JPG

Download Attachment: MVC-188S.JPG

Download Attachment: MVC-189S.JPG

Download Attachment: MVC-190S.JPG

Again I would point out the "nice work" on the renumbering of the replacement rear sight toggle link.

So where am I going with all of this? I guess I'm thinking that whoever was using the "Ku" acceptance stamps was building from pieces and parts before and or after the Ku numbered guns. Has anybody else observed this?? Would appreciate any thoughts and comments.

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I'm not really surprised to find Luftwaffe acceptance stamps on guns like these. A number of groups changed command, going from Navy, coastal service to Luftwaffe service and this might explain the Luftwaffe restamping (that changeover also fed the rumor on Ku-pistols being from Kustenfliegerstaffeln). Also privately owned war-relics of the great war can end up with Luftwaffe stamps if the owner happens to end up in Luftwaffe service.
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