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The Ku thing is very interesting to me and I just had to give this mag a good home. I own #1622Ku which is a 41 byf. I figured this might be close enuf for government work. The markings appear to be stamped rather than engraved and I don't think this thing has been messed with. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

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Dave and Tom
I also saw this or a similar magazine on E-Bay. To the best of my knowledge, such a Ku-serial number-eagle, 122code, E/37 stamped magazine has not been previously reported(please update me if I am incorrect). I would strongly question it.

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Jan and Tom...... This was the mag on ebay and it did come from Minnesota. The guys ebay name is Revshop. I am far from expert but I have seen a mag or two and this one sure looks good to me even under 30X. I am a sucker for anything Ku and perhaps my life's work is to give a good home to all weird Ku stuff........ kind of one of your basic ground floor opportunities........ I have a Ku marked holster that might fall in that group but I would bet next week's pay it is right as rain. **** Tried to put in a picture here but it is showing up above this part of the page. Perhaps someone can move it down and tell me what I'm doing wrong**********

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The next 4 pictures are of another "variant"... for lack of a better term. The receiver is a 1917 DWM with Navy proofs. Replacement barrel with a nice stamping job and the frame sure looks like Mauser to me. I have a theory that whoever was using the so called Ku acceptance was building guns with other than Mauser parts either before or after the known Ku run.

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Going back to the mag. Why would somebody "build" one with a number not listed in Randall's book or seperate it from a gun with that number???

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Hello All,

this is a bit off topic, but did anyone see that S/42 marked mag on ebay?
Mint condition with no serial no.

It sold for about £ 170.00 i think.

I placed a bid, but it soon went out of my range.........

Regards to all,


I have a KU Luger with two matching magazines. It is a byf 41 with the serial number 1693 ku. One magazine is a black plastic fxo with the serial number on the bottom and the other is an aluminium based fxo with the serial number on the bottom. Neither have a KU on the base or an acceptance mark. It was in a brown 1940 dated holster and had an eagle 655 tool with it. There were no KU markings on the holster or tool. I feel this is a complete vet bring-back that hasn't been messed with, and feel the two matching magazines are totally correct.

The Luger was purchased from a vet's estate in California. The vet was a judo instructor and according to who I purchased this piece from, he had lots of WWII stuff. This Luger is suppose to be just as it was when it was acquired. -- Bill
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