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Lahti Marked "Sweden" ???

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Swede Lahti with D prefix within WW2 ser. # range (D 10119) is marked "SWEDEN".
Can not find any other import marking on pistol.

Is this "SWEDEN" an import marking,
or is it a correct WW2 era marking for this pistol?

What would be an approximate value for this pistol if:
finish at 85%-90%,
matching slide and frame,
two mags,
cleaning rod,
black holster

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This is an old post but it came up while I was searching for information on a "Made in Sweden" stamp on M40's with a D prefix to the serial numbers. This post says the "Sweden" stamp is an import marking. Who made the markings? Were these applied by Husqvarna as export markings? U.S. import markings weren't required until 1968 and contained the importers name. I was told some Lugers were stamped "Made in Germany" for export. I'd appreciate any feedback



Did some research myself and that's pretty much what I came up with. These Danish police pistols were bought by a Danish gun dealer V. Pabst & Co in Helsingor in the early 70's and like you said they were EXPORT marked. Thanks for the confirmation.

1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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