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Lahti Marked "Sweden" ???

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Swede Lahti with D prefix within WW2 ser. # range (D 10119) is marked "SWEDEN".
Can not find any other import marking on pistol.

Is this "SWEDEN" an import marking,
or is it a correct WW2 era marking for this pistol?

What would be an approximate value for this pistol if:
finish at 85%-90%,
matching slide and frame,
two mags,
cleaning rod,
black holster

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Hello Men,

Re: Swede Lahti with D prefix within WW2 ser. # range (D 10119)
Marked: "SWEDEN".
Finish rated at approx 85%-90%,
Matching slide and frame,
Two mags,
Ceaning rod,
No loading tool.
With BLACK holster.

I have absolutely no experience with the Lahti.
I need some feedback re. the $ value of this pistol.
I think that I can get it for about $500.
Is this too much, too high, too low...what?

Second question: What is the disctinction between a black and a brown holster ?

Third question: Does anyone have an extra loading tool for sale,
and, are they impossible to find ?

Fourth question: Same for lanyard...?

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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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