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Langenhahn - FL-Selbstlader

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Most known weapon from the production of the weapon factory Fritz Langenhahn in Zella-Mehlis is the well known FL-Selbstlader in cal. 7,65 .About 85000 pieces have been produced since 1915 ( highest SN known to me is 83987 ).
It is strange that one only can find very little out over this weapon.
John Walter writes: This pistol is distinguished by a separate breech-block held in the slide by a pivoting yoke and a large knurled-head nut. The right side of the slide was weakly constructed, owing to the size and position of the ejection port, and the lock-nut showed a distressing tendency to work loose after only a few rounds had been fired- with potentially disastrous consequences if the yoke disengaged and the breech-block flew backward out of the gun.
This assertion is also put forward by many other book authors.
Have shot many series with my FL-Selbstlader and I can't support this assertion.
Which soldier shoots already more than a couple of shots at the same time?
Another assertion says that most of these pistols are showing inspection marks and it is suspected that virtally all went to the Imperial Army.
I have already been able to examine many of these pistols but most didn't have any acceptance stamps!

What is your opinion ?


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A. Wunderlich, Berlin-W ?, 1916
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Fritz is definitely right! I tested the Langenhan pistol with 200 rounds. I painted with white enamel a "Witness mark" on slide & screw and then fired 100 rounds. No visible turning of the knurled screw! Another 100 rounds, the pistol was warm, Screw was not lose.

In my country are Hogg & Weeks nicknamed "Grimm brothers"...
Fritz (Updated May 31, 2004)
My data base has 18 Imperial Army stamped FL Selbstlader (Langenhan) shown in the list below. In Volume I, 1982, page 42, it is stated that "most bear military stamps". Unfortunately, I have only collected serial numbers of Imperial Army stamped Langenhan and do not have a record of commercial production. I would very much appreciate it if you would update or correct that information.
(Is Langenhahn or Langenhan the correct spelling?)

FL Selbstlader (Langenhan), Imperial Army stamped
2856 Imperial Army stamped
2856 Imperial Army stamped
5122 Imperial Army stamped
8764 Imperial Army stamped
10003 Imperial Army stamped
11757 Imperial Army stamped
14131 Imperial Army stamped
15861 Unit stamped R.95.M.G. (Not known if Imperial Army accepted)
20366 Imperial Army stamped
24917 Imperial Army stamped Unit stamped J.R.172.M.G.10.
32047 Imperial Army stamped
42087 Imperial Army stamped
43412 Imperial Army stamped
47502 Imperial Army stamped
50168 Imperial Army stamped Unit stamped R.J.R.212.10K.8.
52104 Imperial Army stamped
55082 Imperial Army stamped
55223 Imperial Army stamped
84134 Imperial Army stamped
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Langenhan is correct.

Download Attachment: 1.jpg
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I am very sorry but I unfortunately cannot give any serial numbers.
Only by the contact with this forum I have begun to include serial numbers systematically.
One of my best friends is a well known arms dealer here in Germany and I have the possibility to examine each kind of weapons at him for 20 years.
The unmarked Fl pistols were bought up by my friend mostly in the Scandinavian countries Sweden, Finland and Norway.
Fl pistols must have been quite popular there.
It can be chance but the unmarked weapons were proportionally from at least 2:1 to the accepted ones.

can anyone give information on similar FL pistol. difference being hand grips have FL at top of grip. possible value?
I also have a Selbstlader Pistol. I have been trying to find out more about the gun for quite some time. The gun I have is a .32 Cal. Pistol. On the right side of gun, on the slide are:
F.L. Selbstlader
D.R.G.M. 625263-839251

Download Attachment: Selbstlader1.jpg

Also on the right side there is an "N" with what looks like a crown above it stamped on each part of the gun. behind the trigger guard next to grip is serial # 30789.

On the left side there are no markings, and the clip, (which looks like its been taken in and out quite a few times) also has no markings visible.

Download Attachment: Selbstlader2.jpg

Download Attachment: Selbstlader3.jpg

Download Attachment: Selbstlader4.jpg

Download Attachment: Selbstlader5.jpg

Download Attachment: Selbstlader6.jpg

I don't know how to take down the pistol so I am unable to check for matching numbers.
Can anyone provide some information about this gun (Markings, history, value etc..) for me?

Thank You
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the Langenhan had a longer life than only in WWI. I have a GECO advertising poster (measures 63 x 37 centimeters) of the early thirties, where also the Langenhan F.L. is advertised at a price of 23.00 Reichsmark (RM). No indication, if these are new or used guns.

Download Attachment: Geco_Preisliste_Langenhan.jpg

Other comparable pistols were much more expensive:
Sauer Beördenmodell: RM 45.00
Sauer 1930: RM 35.00
Walther PP: RM 53.00
Walther PPK: RM 47.00
Mauser 1914: RM 42.00
FN Browning model 1922: RM 46.00

So, the Langenhan was the cheapest pistol available in Cal. 7.65 (.32 ACP).

The Langehan also was used in WWII. I have an undated action photo showing an Unteroffizier (NCO) shooting a Langenhan.

Download Attachment: Uffz_Pistole_schiessend-klein.jpg

Download Attachment: Uffz_Pistole_schiessend-detail.jpg

Best regards

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Martin : In your source catalogs , is there any indication of the Ortgies being advertized and what year would that be?
More FL. data.

My serial number 56906 is Imperial marked, with wood grips.

Serial number 66772 is not Imperial marked, but has police unit markings. (previously discussed on a thread from several months ago)
and has plastic grips. It also has an internal disconnector unlike most of the FL.s I've seen with the exposed sear on the left side.
Regards, Ned
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