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Late HSc date help

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Can anyone give me a realistic estimate on when my newly acquired HSc was made?

Its a WaA135, late war blue, SN 939989.

I'm assuming its late '44 or early '45. Am I right? Do records exist that would pin this down any closer?

When did the stamped triggers come about? There's one on this pistol.

Thanks for your help.

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HSc serial 939989 was probably produced in the final weeks of 1944...and could have possibly even enjoyed Christmas decorations and music at the Mauser factory in Oberndorf.

According to Pender in "Mauser Pocket Pistols", "the stamped trigger was first seen in the low 900,000 range, but the milled trigger will also be seen above that point".

According to a substantial database, the first serial with a reported stamped trigger is 921 060, however stamped triggers could have appeared below the 921 060. From that point on until war's end, both milled and stamped triggers were used...whatever was on hand. Postwar French assembled pistols also used both triggers.
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