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Displayed is a rather unique and scare model of the Lepage pistol. Made in Beligum from 1925 to 1932, it is normally found in 7.65mm but a rare 9mmk example is also known to exist. One proto-type in 9mm parableum was made to complete in the Beligum tests of 1932 but lost out in favor of the FN HP pistol. After examining this pistol I would have thought that if the makers would have added a third set of finger groves instead of the exsiting two groves , their success would have been much more greater. I must say , that it possesses an exceptional crisp trigger release.

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255.84KB This holster was sold to me as for a Walther PP. I quickly discovered that no PP would fit into this holster and even though it has the AKaH trademark , no DRGM is noted which normally accompanies such a trademark on a break-a-way style holster.

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165.1KB Now, if someone would like to explain how one goes about disassembling this weapon ???

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The shape of the holster is identical to the one that came with my 1941 Walther PPK, which I positively know is the original one. The only difference is that the leather in mine seems somewhat thicker and is dyed through, whileas yours seems to be painted.

Interesting pistol, I've never even heard of it.



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I have heard of "LEPAGE" but have never laid eyes on one of these. I wonder if the slide lifts up at the back and is moved forward for removal? Is the barrel fixed?

I ALMOST know how to do it. With the slide locked back (that's the part I don't know how to do!), push the safety out and lift and rotate the lockwork up, back and out of the frame. Then everything else comes off the front.
But, I don't have any info on how to start. I guess you will eventually figure it out.
The LePage's were MARKETED in 7.65, 9mmK (.380) and 9mm Browning Long. I do not know how many they made of the 9mm caliber guns. I've certainly never seen one.
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