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Longer barrel for DWM 1917

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I am a newbie to this forum and am not sure this is the place to post this.

I have DWM dated 1917 with all matched numbers.
It fires just fine.

2 items
1) Where can I get a recommendation of what new springs and / or parts to get for it?

2) Is has a short barrel and I would like to know if it can handle a 6” or 8” barrel?

Thanks in advance
Skip Cons
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Hi Skip,
With ref. to Luger grips. Call T&G Sales 972-625-4644, Richard Scott
I purchased a set of Luger Grips for 29.95 plus shipping.
Based on what I paid in the past(150.- Luger grips), he is very
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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