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Looking for help identifying luger

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I inherited a luger from inlaws and am curious to date of manufacture, and any other info anyone may know about the gun.

Here is some info on the gun, and markings. (Please excuse my terminology, I am new to the Luger thing!)

.30 caliber luger.
Wood checkered grips, no markings on the outside.
One clip, no markings.

Top view - DWM logo

Front view underneath barrel top to bottom - "8736", "GERMANY","h" or possibly "k" (small case cursive).

Bottom view - Underneath barrel, Crown over N, 8736, h or k
- bottom side of lever "36
- next to trigger "36"

Right side - no markings

Back view - 36 behind rear sight

Left side - Crown over N just behind barrel (vertical)
- Crown over N on side of action (horizontal)
- 36 on tab that comes up when saftey is engaged
- GESICHERT under safety

Here are some pictures (I hope!)

Download Attachment: RP1.jpg

Download Attachment: RP2.jpg

Download Attachment: RP3.jpg

Download Attachment: RP4.jpg

Download Attachment: RP5.jpg

Download Attachment: RP6.jpg

Download Attachment: RP7.jpg

Download Attachment: RP8.jpg

Thanks for any and all information!

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For some reason you neglected to show the magazine (not referred to as a "clip"). The body should look like tin or nickel in color and the bottom should be made of wood. What does yours look like?
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