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Low numbered P.37

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Been a while since I've posted. Ran across this the other day. It's the lowest I've seen, has non matching magazine #9920. Here's a couple pics.

Greg V. Gritsch

Download Attachment: Mvc-038s.jpg

Download Attachment: Mvc-037s.jpg
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Do you own this Femaru? I have several but none this low numbered. Good pictures thanks for posting!
Sorry, don't own it. Came in the local pawnshop where I have a "connection". Pistol is in 97% condition except for the grips. I've put in a request should it become available. Looks like I put this post in the wrong section, please move as necessary.
Your post is in the right section. Hope you can get the pistol sounds like a nice one. GOOD LUCK!
I have this same pistol but in serial number 3283. New condition, all matching, interesting brown leather shoulder holster. Pictures to anyone interested.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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