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LP08 Holster and Triple Mag Pouch

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I got this rig on Ebay recently. I will load a number of photos. It's quite an interesting rig and both the pouch and holster are marked "M.LIEMANN BERLIN 1915". It includes three magazines all numbered and marked the same; 2438a +.

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First of all I will state that I believe that the holster and maybe the pouch were not made in 1915 but rather assembled sometime after the war from parts laying around Liemann's place.

There is no accomodation for attaching the holster to a stock. The closure strap is one that was intended for a standard LP08 holster and it has been modified with the addition of only a single hole to take the buckle pin.

The buckle is painted black. Isn't this out of the norm for WWI period holsters? I have a post WWI commercial with black buckle.

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Further clues that lead me to believe it was post world-war-one job are the commercial snap used on the tool pouch, and the lack of side disks on the cleaning rod cover. The snow flake design on the former is quite common to imperial and Weimar period private purchase items. I have also seen it on a WWII era shoulder holster.

In several of the photos you will see where the dark brown dye bled into the underside of the leather. This may have happened when dying an already completed holster to order. Alot of the probably unissued 1918 holsters I have seen were a real blond color.

Note that the lid of the holster is non-standard although, judging by the stitching and beaded edge, it is German holster shop made.

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Assuming it is post war, I further believe it was made for someone in Germany. The ink inscription on the inside of the flap is in a style consistent with German usage. It reads," Keckstadt, Berlin, Schoeneberg." I believe Schoeneberg is a suburb or district of Berlin. Keckstadt may be a person's name. Anybody have a Berlin telephone book circa 1920-1930?

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The idea of an unfinished holster laying around a shop for the last two years of WWI may sound questionable BUT remember back to a discussion some time ago on this forum. The question was raised as to why so many 1915 dated LP08 holsters when that was the year in which the fewest pistols were made?

If, as I believe, the government instructed its contractors to really crank out LP08 holsters in 1915 in anticipation of coming needs, then instructed most to revert to P08 holsters, one might find an unfinished holster laying about in 1920. Liemann does not appear in Bender's work and I don't know that I have ever seen a holster by them before. Perhaps Liemann was only a temporary holster maker and spent most of his efforts on some other items.

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I had a hell of a time pulling the cleaning rod out of its pouch. I was quite surprised to find it wrapped in some textile for swabbing the bore. I was also pleased with the double proofed rod. I am sending the whole rig off to a friend who is far better versed in holsters than I am to evaluate.

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The seller told me that the former owner sold the rig as the pistol had been stolen. I am trying to track him down.
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Nice item George I'm glad to see it's yours now.I think like other it was for commercial market after 1918 but everybody hope to have the same ( specially me )
Nice item George I'm glad to see it's yours now.I think like other it was for commercial market after 1918 but everybody hope to have the same ( specially me )
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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