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Just received my drilling M30 SN 337532 made 12 - 41. It came in an excellent condition case (grey) with sling, M30 manual (mint), and cleaning eqipment - overall condition of drilling I would say is 95 - 97% - I grade conservatively - I am sure some people would say it was 98 - 99% - color case is in great shape - overall it is a very nice example of an extremely rare Third Reich firearm

I have a few questions; My sling is a used woven leather sporting sling that looks original but not sure if it is - the manual pictures are not clear - can anyone help with this? Also my cleaning equipment is not cased by itself and I don't know if it is original either - can anyone help with photos of other slings and cleaning equipment?

Also It came with recent vintage ammo - both 12 gage and 9.3 x 74R - it is German RWS but definately not correct vintage - any leads where I could find vintage ammo for the case?

Unfortunately no test target with the drilling but overall it is stunning - last year I got an MP43 and now added this to my WWII German small arms collection - I am very pleased to say the least

If I can figure out how to add photos later I will- any help is appriciated


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Is this the same drilling that was available for sale at the OGCA show in January from one of the major dealers?
If it is - it is a very nice gun with original cleaning kit and case.
I saw the sling - it is period, but not sure if original drilling issue...

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I would guess it is the same gun as the one at the OGCA show - the dealer I bought it from is a major dealer in Ohio

I will try and get some photos posted

Thanx for the replies

Larry Vickers
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