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luger 1915 DMG

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Hi, i recently recived this gun and its causing alot of heartach between family members.took it to a gun shop he told me $750.00 so was just going to buy from estate but brothers dont agree.can anyone help me with a value of this gun and if i do decide to sell wheres best place to take it? All numers match as far as i can tell #2449 exept the mag im trying to down load some pics to give u an idea how it looks but not to clear the crest on handle is a swastika (black) in a gold diamond then 2 white diamond shapes on top and 2 red on sides ive tryed to look it up but cant find anywhere gun smith said it was added later by a bored guy in a fox hole (hows he know lol) but looks to me like it was made there.also he said gun has been reblued i have no idea.if anyone could help me i would greatly appreciat it .thanks .smitty
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Smitty, it sounds like your gun shop guy knows what he's talking about. The emblem you describe in the grip sounds alot like a Hitler Youth pin. These things were very commonly inset into Luger wooden grips by G.I.s. You can be assured that the GI art work reduced the collector value of the pistol.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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