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luger 1915 DMG

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Hi, i recently recived this gun and its causing alot of heartach between family members.took it to a gun shop he told me $750.00 so was just going to buy from estate but brothers dont agree.can anyone help me with a value of this gun and if i do decide to sell wheres best place to take it? All numers match as far as i can tell #2449 exept the mag im trying to down load some pics to give u an idea how it looks but not to clear the crest on handle is a swastika (black) in a gold diamond then 2 white diamond shapes on top and 2 red on sides ive tryed to look it up but cant find anywhere gun smith said it was added later by a bored guy in a fox hole (hows he know lol) but looks to me like it was made there.also he said gun has been reblued i have no idea.if anyone could help me i would greatly appreciat it .thanks .smitty
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Sample photo of the youth badge George mentioned :

Download Attachment: Youth Badge.jpg
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