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I recently bought an all matching (except the mag) 1938 dated S/42 Luger in mint condition 98-99% from a plumber who took a few Lugers and "stuff" in trade 30 years ago from a clent who could not pay.

He showed me a .22 Luger kit in a wooden box serial number 4872a with Nazi acceptance stamps on all the small parts and what appeared to be an e/s on the toggle. All of the parts including the mag were marked 72.

What is such a kit worth as he might be willing to let it go?

The box had a faded red marking on the cover, the kit is mint.

Thanks for any help, I got the pistol for $500.00, lucky me.


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Mark, you were fortunate to get the pistol for such a good price. The conversions for .22 caliber made by Erma, of WW2 vintage often go on e-bay for $1000-1200 when they appear. The earlier ones with the large boxes and cleaning rods, go for considerably more.
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