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Hi you all!

I have a question I hope someone can answer. I have a 1916 Luger and it does not have the caliber stamped on it. I assume it is 9mm and have purchased and fired 9mm Luger ammo with it. If a Luger is different than 9mm is the caliber stamped on it?

Dave (spitfire)

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There are two actual calibers. 9mm (known as 9mm Luger, 9mm Parabellum) and 7.65 mm (also known as 30 Luger).

If you fired 9mm in it, it is a 9mm, as a 7.65mm would not fit.


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You will find on some reworks that when the barrel has been rechambered ie (sleeved) the magazine will be stamped 7.65mm which is 30 caliber. You may also find the frame/barrel stamped to indicate this.

This however does not apply to earlier versions of the luger which were manufactured for the 7.65mm round.

Generally speaking when it comes to the luger after 1908 the factories had switched to 9mm production.

One should never assume the caliber of any firearm especially when chambering a round to be fired unless you are absolutely sure you have the correct cartridge in the breech.This could result in a serious accident or death.

The Germans realized this and in 1941/42 started to mark firearms with it's designate P08 on side frame.

Have purposely left out the 45 caliber luger and the 32 caliber luger as these are extremly rare in the original sense.

The 45 caliber is presently available in an aftermarket luger. John Martz of the U.S.A. was the manufacturer if memory serves me correct.
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