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Hello, I am fairly new at collecting lugers. I am looking at a byf 41 "Black Widow" all matching except mag. It has 98% orginal blue. The bore is suspose to be mint. The guy is asking $1,400.00 for the gun. He did mention that there is a chip on the side of hte placstic base. Is it a good price ? Also can someone direct me to a reputable WW 2 luger dealer.

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Don, lugers are expensive hobbies, I wouldn't just jump in.

Several comments;

1. Any gun over 60 years of age, is far and between that is 98%.
2. The name "black widow" is an american invention, so you'll pay more, yet there is no basis in fact that they "should" be worth more.
3. Black Widow grips are a study upon themselves, see the threads on them here on this forum, and then (try to) judge for yourself if they are real ones.
4. If real vintage, i.e. not reblue, is 98%, it is worth around there...

First, do you have good luger books? If not, then buy Third Reich Lugers by JC Still, as it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

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