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Luger cleaning

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Hello all,

I am new to Lugers and just purchased a shooter.
I am sure this has been brought up a number of times but, I want to disassemble it, not fully but to clean it up prior to and after shooting it.
I got disassembly instructions from another site but I am unclear about one thing. I took the grips off and the next step says to rap the back of the frame with the handle of the screw driver to get the safety catch out. I am not sure what is suppose to happen here, I rapped on the frame and nothing happens. I fiddled with the safety but it doesn't seem to want to come out.
I know this is a dumb question.

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Greg never a dumb question!

Personally, unless really nasty, the most I ever do is take the top off (receiver), and disasemble the firing pin componants. Then clean the barrel, the firing pin, and toggle areas.

Hi Greg,

The tapping info got me confused too, as it's not neccessary to tap anything in order to remove the safety catch, and it does not need to be removed when 'field-stripping' the gun for cleaning after shooting.

Removal of the receiver/barrel combo, removing the rear locking pin and taking out the toggle is usually enough to clean it after shooting. Removal of the firing pin can be done after several sessions as it is well-protected agains dirt. I never bother to take out the extractor either. Just push it upwards a bit to clear out any gunk that sticks behind it. Grips also never come off after shooting, but do retighten the screws now and again and check the stripped parts for obvious fresh damage or excessive wear. The holdopen may also collect a lot of gunk underneath it.
Thanks all,

I did get the toggle and trigger assemblies off which is good enough for cleaning. I am not sure what's up with the tapping the frame with the screw driver handle. I did take the grips off which I am glad I did because it was pretty dirty in there. I am going to give it a good cleaning and take it out this weekend and do some shooting.

Thank again,
Hi Greg,

The safety catch is locked to the frame with a pin that can be forced out in a number of ways. Tapping the frame is probably one of them, although the pin can be driven out from the inside of the frame as well.
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