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This is my first post so please be kind. I know nothing about Lugers. OK, now you know where I'm comming from. I came across a deal where a widow is selling a collection of Lugers dated 1916 and 1917 with different configerations and markings. Some have what looks like eagles on top of the chamber, others have a engraved number with more engraving around and over the number. It might be a letter, I'll look closer. Some of them had a piece of metal sticking out of the grip that had to be depressed for the action to work. Must be a grip safety like the .45s'. I will take pictures and post again. I also seen some Mauser long barelled pistols that looked brand new and some Lugers with long barells. Also, I seen a Luger with a wood forend like a rifle and it had a butstock. Again I will post pictures. I want to buy some of them but have absolutly no idea what to offer . Thank you

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Bill, glad to see you made it! Welcome to the forum.

If you can pick up guns from this collection, it would be exciting. Also better if the widow gets a reasonable deal. How many guns are they talking about?

One of the best places to get a good "retail" value for lugers is Simpsons; http://www.simpsonltd.com/LugerRoom/lugerrm.htm

Keep in mind that condition is everything and to not jump to the conclusion that every luger is as valauble as some on these webpages.

The eagles on the top are probably the model called Americanm Eagle, and the engraving is probably a DWM, it is a scrolling of the letters, and once you know what it is, it is easy.

If she wanted a reasonable price for them, this forum would be a good place for her. If she tries to sell them to gunshops, she would not get near as much in value.

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