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Hi all! I've been reading a lot of the posts in this forum and I am really impressed by the knowledge here. In WWII My father was a Ranger in the 2nd Battalion that landed on Omaha Beach. Their objective was the guns at Point Du Huc. He's never really talked about it much until we recently watched Saving Private Ryan. He said the movie came real close to depicting what it was like during the landing. Not too long after the conversation he gave me a 1911 Lugr he took off a German Officer. I haven't reserached all the markings yet but their are some on the front of the handle I was hoping someone could decipher for me. They are B.3.A.F.1.15. Can anyone give me a little history primer?
Thanks Charlie

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Charlie, I believe what you have is a WWI Luger marked to a Royal Bavarian unit. The unit marking can be read as, weapon 15, 1st Battery, 3rd Bavarian Field Artillery Regiment.

I think that all of us would like to see some photos of your pistol if you can post them.

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Charlie, can you scan in the gun, sides, top, etc., using a scanner? Or supply digital pictures (many)?

It should be a 1911 with a scroll of DWM on the top of it? What is the serial number, include any suffix under it.

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The Imperial German stamp on your 1911 dated Luger B.3.A.F.1.15. signifies : - (Bayerisches, 3 Fuss-Artillerie-Regiment, Batterie 1, Waffe Nr. 15)

Your Luger was stamped before or during World War I. The Foot Artillery was the heavy (large bore) artillery during World War I.

There a number of 1911 Dated DWM Lugers in the Still/Noll data list that are marked to the same unit(below). What is the serial number and type of Luger that you have. Photographs would be most appreciated.
* 1911 DWM, s/n 1623e : B.3.A.F.4.5. - (Bayerisches, 3 Fuss-Artillerie-Regiment, Batterie 4, Waffe Nr. 5)
* 1911 DWM, s/n 2561e : B.3.A.F.1.5. - (Bayerisches, 3 Fuss-Artillerie-Regiment, Batterie 1, Waffe Nr. 5)
* 1911 DWM, s/n unk : B.3.A.F.1.16. - (Bayerisches, 3 Fuss-Artillerie-Regiment, Batterie 1, Waffe Nr. 16)
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