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Re: 1921 DWM, sn 6737a. The date over your Lugers chamber indicates that it was manufactured in 1921 for the German army or police. The S.B.10898 signifies Schutzpolizei Berlin weapon number 10898. This Prussian Police stamp was added sometime between 1922 and about 1935. Post World War II the East German Police (or Russians) reworked this Luger and force matched (Xed out old numbers and added new numbers)some replacement parts including the S/42 middle toggle link. The East German police also added the bullseye plastic grips.

Usually Prussian Police Lugers have a sear safety added. However, a few of the Berlin Police Lugers did not have the sear safety added. Is there a hole in the receiver above the sear bar or a slot cut in the top of the sideplate?
See the link below for more information:
1920, 1921 DATED DWM LUGERS Jan C Still

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* Third picture (top view) shows the sear safety lever attach rivet hole, the cut in the top of the side plate, and the pin hole in the sear bar.
* The sear safety itself has been removed; but, this was an obvious Prussian police issue at one time as Jan has identified.

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Joe, can you add your information back?

Being able to learn from others postings is a hallmark of this forum, and so it is benificial to all to leave it as it was.


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