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Luger holster id

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I have a luger holster which I believe is WWI. It has a stamp J.M.Eckart ULM on the front just by the lifting strap toggle. Another stamp on the inside of the flap appears to be JR196. What do these mean please?
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Hello Eric, Welcome to the forum. J.M Eckart of Ulm was the maker. J.R.196 would be Infantry Regiment 196, unless there are points between the numbers.
Thank you Ron for that valuable information. Going on from there, is there any information on Erckart the holster manufacturer and when they operated from to and also how can I find out about Infantry Regiment 196. Thanks in anticipation, Eric.

ADMIN: Since this is the same holster, I ahve moved the information to here, instead of a new thread:

Ron Smith has already answered my question on a luger holster made by JM Eckart of Ulm but I now have additional information after examination. Stamped on the front of the flap just to the left of the strap stitching are the figures 21 (see pic). Also, there are stitch holes on the back which suggest to me this may have been made for straps for the cavalry as they are slanted but do not appear to have been used. In addition to the JR 126 I previously mentioned, someone has written, in ink I think, some other markings which I have tried to show on the pic. The bottom line is 4/83 but the top could be anything, possibly 11/ something or even ll/something.
This holster is in lovely condition and I intend to place it on ebay because a real collector should have it since all handguns are now banned in this country. I just want to make sure I tell the coorect facts when I offer it and you magnificent forum will undoubtedly help me with more information.

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! Thank you. Eric.
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Hallo Eric,
According to John D. Walter, J.M. Eckart Lederwarenfabrik Ulm/Donau was in operation from ca. 1913- 1945.
If you would like to get more on this company I recommend to contact the "Industrie und Handelskammer" (chamber of commerce)in Ulm. May be that their archive has survived WWII.

Concerning the infantry regiment it could be usefully to look in the German Ebay under Regiment or Infanterie Regiment.
There are offered lots of regiment's history books. But in German language.
Eric, I'm not a Luger holster expert, but I recall Jerry Burney saying that the parts were cut and holed prior to being stitched. It's possible that the back panel was prepared incorrectly and had to be adjusted.

The "21" could be a rack number or even a unit mark from a later era. These holsters were used continuously from date of manufacture through 1945 and beyond.

The ink marks are probably personal ID markings by one of the soldiers it has been issued to. It is very common to find such marks and even names written in them.

Is it marked to the 196th or 126th Regiment? I was researching the 196th regiment for you.

Ron. Thank you for further info. Yes, it is 196 NOT 126. Sorry!! Eric
Oh! One more thing. Can I assume that because it has no waffen markings with eagle etc., that it must have been issued/used prior to WWII or is that too much to assume? Eric.
Eric, Sorry for the late response, but I lost the thread. Your holster was issued to the Imperial (WWI) 196th Infantry Regiment. However, was probably used well into WWII.

Thank you one and all for the information. I have today sold the holster on ebay. Eric
Was this one of the ebay batch : "Excellent condition brown leather holster recently found in a cache of WW2 equipment in Russia. Excellent overall condition with only minor storage marks as these items were stored in sealed boxes for many years."?
J.M.Eckart was a leatherworker for the XIII. Württembergische Armeekorps and so it could only be the 8. Württembergisches Infanterie Regiment Nr. 126 Großherzog von Baden. It fought 1916 at Verdun and was one of a few regiments which was in Fort Vaux. At fort Vaux they had 749 losses and from 6. until 28.8 927 more. 130 Offiziere und 4881 Unteroffiziere und Mannschaften fielen bein 126. Inf. Reg. im I.WK..
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