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Luger holster with two mag pouches

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The following item is for sale on E-Bay: German P08 Luger 2clip holster gun parts WW1 Item number: 2217221088
Folks on the old Luger Forum have raised serious questions about this holster.The seller also has an Artillery
> holster with the same manufacturer:
> Arhoffma Berlin 1916 on Back. Odd coincidence!
> I suspect that this holster is post World War II.
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Jan, it's an IMA fantasy holster. I believe the "Arhoffma" is an example of the gobildigook that results from asking someone on the Indian subcontinent to reproduce western lettering or markings. The artisan was probably tying to replicate something like A-Hoffmann.

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Fellows, Don't be fooled into believing this holster was ever issued to German troops. It is a fantasy piece dreamed up by International military antiques inc. and offered in Shotgun News, Jan 1, vol 58,issue #1, page 68. $50.00 plus shipping. $6.50.


Offered on eBay this type of holster has been around for decades but it is not original in any way. Supposedly issued to German Cavalry and is left hand draw. The Cavalry saber was for the right hand! International military antiques inc. will sell you one much cheaper than the one on eBay is already up to.

Take a look at the back belt loops on the eBay holster and it immediately screams fake.

The last time I looked this holster was up to $228.50 on eBay. Somebody is going to get stuck with an expensive fake.

Jerry Burney

173rd Airborne
[email protected]
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Jerry, the hammer dropped at over five "bills". I hope the bloke that got this screwing is at least offered a smoke afterward. I have plenty of period photographs that lead one to conclude that the only P08 holsters used by Uhlans were standard army issue.
George, You would be my go to guy to back up my assertion that this piece is pure dream World. I have never seen a photo of a German Cavalryman with this type of holster and it is not found in any of the many German holster publications I own. Besides, It is a repro and that is un mistakable from the photo's provided by the seller. I can't believe there are fools like this on the Planet. $512.00 is a bunch of money to throw away on this .....When one could buy somthing genuine with it. Makes me wonder. Jerry Burney
PoliceLuger and all other interested parties...No, There is nothing to this holster other that it is not known to many people because it is pure fantasy and was never issued to anyone in the German Army or any other German unit. It is not found in any of a dozen Luger holster publications because it does not exist except in the mind of IMA or Sarco or other's known to offer this spurious dream World piece. Nor is there any known period photograph showing a German Cavalryman using this type of holster.

The holster shown in the photo's on eBay is easy to spot as a fake just by looking at it. It's all in the details and holsters made during this period were not that much different. This one stands out like a diamond in a goats ***.

I am constantly amazed at how easy it is to seperate collectors from their hard earned cash. It has been said many times on this Forum, buy a book or two or get on line and look into something before handing over your money. P.T. Barnam said it years ago and he was right...$512.00 is a bit of cash in anyone's mind and to simply throw it away on this curiosity is criminal. You can buy a pretty nice original holster for this kind of money. Besides, this holster can be had for only $56.00, shipping included and you can age it for free.I can't wait to go to eBay and see what fool bought it. I hope I don't know him. Jerry Burney
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I always enjoy your eloquent responce in calling a spade a spade,a "diamond in a goats ***" for the forum,s sake I hope you have an apprentice.
Jerry, It sold for $512!! I hope it wasn't to any of us or anyone we know!
I would beg to see a period photo of such a holster. Here's one to emphasize that everyone with a P08 was issued P08 holsters on a horse or under one.

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If these cocky bastards settled for P08 holsters, I guess everyone did.
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Nice picture George!

BTW, did you ever sell those grips? I think I screwed up in getting back to you...


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