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Luger Info?

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I recently purchased a Luger which I know nothing about. It is a S/42 model with a G on the Barrel SN# 5431. I have been able to decipher that it is a Mauser. I am new to Lugers can anyone explain what the G means instead of a Date on the barrel. If you wouldn't mind giving me a approximate age and value. The Magizine SN doesn't match and it has about 95% on the finish. I will send photo's if interested but my Digital Camera doesn't take good close up shots. Is it impossible to find the correct magizine? Thasnks in advance for any assistance.
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Lloyd, the G indicates 1935. Like the manufacturer, the date of production was encoded in 1934 and 1935. A friend of mine in Virginia has had a G date like yours for sale between eight and nine hundred dollars which seems reasonable at least. Finding the correct numbered magazine will be almost impossible but I have heard of it happening.
Look below, as there sevral articles covering the various G date Lugers in detail.
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