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Selling several P08 magazines. Payment methods are PayPal (discreet with NO MENTION of magazines) OR USPS Money Order...your choice. I'll ship and insure them at full value from my end (shipping and insurance are on me) and send you confirmation and tracking data as soon as I send them. I try to ship within 48 hours. I have no history here but you can check my AR15.com account (Bigkahunasix) and see my 100% satisfaction rating.

I'm only listing them here so far but if they don't move quickly enough I will list elsewhere after 2 weeks.

I know my pictures are crappy quality and if you'd like better ones or a different view then please PM me and I'll do my level best to send better/clearer pictures. I suck at photography.

For Sale- All values are listed in US dollars

Matching set of numbered 1939 Mauser Banner Police (per the fine gentlemen here who id'd them.)- $600 shipped

Pictured here- https://luger.gunboards.com/showthread.php?120827-Luger-matching-serial-1997-magazines-1-amp-2

Mauser FXO eagle 37 magazine- $150 shipped.......SPF

20200908_213109.jpg 20200908_213059.jpg

Post-War East German VoPo magazine (CG Haenel or EG equivalent)- $150 shipped (with this one I will include a pair of the Russian P08 bakelite replacement grips that I just found in another box.)


Mauser Commercial production from the early 1980's.....purportedly from the last production run from Mauser before the ran out of P08 parts. I have 3 of these in VG condition all marked Mauser on the backstrap. $125 EACH shipped (I used several of these instead of the original mags when I shot mine so as not to possibly damage the originals)

20200908_213354.jpg 20200908_213328.jpg

Last is a WW1 wood bottom, unmarked (DWM??) nickle....wood bottom is cracked/split but mag body is in good condition- $125 shipped

20200908_213645.jpg 20200908_213629.jpg

Please PM me with any questions or picture requests.

Thank You
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