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Luger Magazines

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Three mags came with the Luger I got this week. One has a silver finish (I assume it is nickel-plated), the other two are blued. The first has a wooden bottom that is damaged on one side and bears the number 3447. The other two have pristine wooden bottoms without any markings.The silver-colored mag will take eight rounds. The other two appear to be designed to accept only seven rounds but they are extremely difficult to load. I assume that the blued mags are probably of recent production, while the nickel one is original German. Any comments on seven versus eight round mags and related issues?


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Drakejake, your assumptions are correct; you have an original 1920's or earlier military magazine and two recently made mags.
Drakejake, The two that are hard to load have strong springs so they will function reliably. Maybe Mecgars. You need a magazine loading tool to help you load them easily. Jerry Burney
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