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ok,i looked at a Luger today,,it had no pitting,but it did have some bluing loss. I would rate it at about 50-60%. It was all matching and had one aluminum mag that matched. It is not marked made in German or Germany and it is in 9mm and in a four digit serial.No import marks AND THE NUMBERS ARE NOT IN THE HIDDEN STYLE It had DWM on the toggle. I believe it to be the 1920 commercial due to the Nitro proof on the reciever and the barrel and no serial on the barrel at all.BUT HERE IS THE FUNNY THING IT HAD THE SIMPSON PROOF ON THE BARREL AND THE RECIEVER AND LOOKS LIKE ON THE MAG. So it would be a Simpson rework??It had no simpson marking anywhere else. Any idea on fair price. Oh and the grips where not numbered at all.
thanks in advance
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