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Luger Terminology

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Hi all,

Just curious,

What does "buggered with RC" mean?

What is "correct," exactly? Does it mean that it is proper, maybe original or a replacement? What would be "incorrect?"

Any other phrases or terms that are common in Lugerology that I should be aware of?

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"Buggered" is an English word meaning "screwed up" or "messed up". Without reference to the exact quote, it's hard to determine what the poster meant but it sounds as if they don't care for the Crown over RC (C/RC) stamp found on many Erfurt and a few DWM Lugers of the Imperial era. The C/RC mark indicates that a part was earlier found during manufacture to be out of tolerance in some non-critical way that a normal Inspector had rejected. The part was later found to be sericeable by the "Revisions Commission" Inspectors and their stamp - the C/RC - absolved the normal Inspectors of all blame if the part later failed in use. The stamp was applied by the Revisions Commission Inspector.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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