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1911 DWM Lugers are reported in the 4089b to 166f serial range and were manufactured without hold open and stock lug. All those manufactured up to serial number 88xxe had hidden style serial number placement. Between serial number 88xxe and 93xxe the style of serial number placement changed to military (exposed) (Luke). There is considerable overlap in serial range with the 1910 DWM. About 13,000 were manufactured.

Download Attachment: 1.G.D.LUGERS49.jpg
Figure 49. Left slant view of 1911 DWM, serial number 8569d. The serial number placement is hidden (commercial style).

Download Attachment: 1.G.D.LUGERS50.jpg
Figure 50. Top view of 1911 DWM, serial number 8569d.

Download Attachment: 1.G.D.LUGERS51.jpg
Figure 51. Right side of 1911 DWM, serial number 8569d.

Download Attachment: 1.G.D.LUGERS52.jpg
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Figure 52. Right receiver and barrel of 1911 DWM, serial number 8569d. According to a May 6, 1913 directive all P08's in service without a hold open were to have the hold open retrofitted. This was accomplished by Erfurt. A small crown/scriptic letter indicates a hold open was retrofitting to this Luger. The end of the pin placed to retain the hold open is properly in the white.

Download Attachment: 1.G.D.LUGERS53.jpg
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Figure 53. Front of frame and bottom of barrel of 1911 DWM, serial number 8569d. The serial number of the take down lever is in the commercial style (hidden). Note: the halo around the digits of the barrel serial number(barley visible) and lack of halo on the frame serial number. The barrel serial number is through the blue.

Download Attachment: 1.G.D.LUGERS54.jpg
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Figure 54. Front, 1911 DWM, serial number 8569d, showing 6th Dragoon unit mark.

Download Attachment: 1.G.D.LUGERS55.jpg
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Figure 55. Luger, sword and unit history all marked to the Magdburgisches Dragoon-Regiment Nr. 6.

Download Attachment: 1.G.D.LUGERS56.jpg
Figure 56. World War I History of the 6th Dragoon Regiment.

Download Attachment: 1.G.D.LUGERS57.jpg
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Figure 57. M89 sword engraved to the Magdeb. Dragooner Regt. No.6. The folding hilt bears the Prussian Eagle. The beautiful blued panel engravings make this a spectacular collection piece.

Download Attachment: 1.G.D.LUGERS58.jpg
Figure 58. Reverse side of sword showing a detailed blued panel cavalry battle scene.

Download Attachment: 1.G.D.LUGERS59.jpg
Figure 59. Dragoon marked 1911 DWM and 1911 dated Dragoon marked holster.

Download Attachment: 1.G.D.LUGERS60.jpg
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Figure 60. Open holster, showing Luger, extra magazine, and tool. The manufacturing stamp is on the holster front and a 1911 date stamp under the flap

Download Attachment: 1.G.D.LUGERS61.jpg
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Figure 61. Front of holster showing details of Manufacture stamp.

Download Attachment: 1.G.D.LUGERS62.jpg
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Figure 62. Back of holster between belt loops showing D.18./1911 unit mark that signifies Dragoon Regiment 18 and 1911 date. (Holsters were not under the same unit marking regulations as weapons. Their markings vary. Sometimes they are the same as weapons and sometimes they use the same abbreviations as found on dog tags or uniforms.)

Download Attachment: 1.G.D.LUGERS63.jpg
Figure 63. Front strap1911 DWM, serial number 8569d. 6.D.2.22: signifies 6th Dragoner-Regiment, Eskadron 2, Waffe Nr. 22. The 6th Dragoon Regiment was part of the 25 Infanterie Division from 1914 to 1916 and part of the 25th Landwehr Division from 1916 to 1918. It battled at the Marne, Somme, Verdun, Aisne, and Chemin Des Dames. At the wars end the soldiers of the 25th Landwehr Division were known for revolutionary agitation. It is very doubtful if the conservative-aristocratic lancers of the Dragoon Regiment participated.

Some notes on the World War I history of the 6th Dragoon Regiment
1911 DWM 8569d 6.D.2.22. 25.D.&25.LW.D. XVIII
25th Div., 18 Army Corps
1914 Luxenberg
1914 Ardennes (4th Army), heavy losses
1914 Battle of the Marne, Sept. Vitry & Sernaize
1914 Somme (2nd Army)
1915 Somme
1916 Verdun, Feb. 21, general attack North of Verdun stoped in area West of Douaumont, failed in attacks on Haudremont Farm, April 10 Caillette Wood very heavy losses in attacks,
1916 May Craonne
6. Dragoon 2 Esq. To 25 Lw Div. Sept. 16, 1916, 25th. Lw Div.
1916 Aisne
1917 Chemin Des Dames ,April 16, French attack heavy losses
1917 Upper Alsace
1918 Alsace, trained as assault detachment supposed to carry out raids
4th Class. Revolutionary agitation

Download Attachment: 1.G.D.LUGERS64.jpg
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Figure 64. Dragoon Lancers on patrol during the early days of World War I..
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