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M.P.18,1. - Gun & requested photos

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Please bear with me as this is the first time for me to try posting photos. Any comments and/or feedback on the quality of the photos evenif they are negative will be appreciated by me.

This M.P.18,1. has all the acceptance stamps and matching numbers. Extra trommel drum with a drum pouch marked A.P. Hoffmann Berlin 1916 which I have to assume is a re-production but it don't stink.

My first questions were answered by Jan & other forum members.I purchased it over 10 yrs. ago for $1900 with the trommel drum but no adaptor which I purchased separately after I got possession of it.

As you will be able to see it is in approximately 95%+ condition and now I would like someone to try and tell me an approximate value for my records as this is the only one I ever seen for sale.
I always wanted one because this was the world's first true blowback submachine gun.

I'll be looking forward to any feedback, information or questions that anyone may have for me.

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The main ingredient to post pictures is to format your camera to Jpeg images.

Picture size must be under 300 kb in size to post on the forum, when you upload the picture files from camera to your computer make sure that when you name the files do not leave any spaces or enter any characters otherwise the forum will not accept the pictures.

You may need to resize the photo's prior to sending the image and this is done on your computer.

Good luck and looking forward to the photo's

Take lots of time and keep trying, took me a few try's and some tutoring by the son to get it right.

Sent you a email and will try and help you to post photo's, best to correspond via email as this will take a good while.

Sent you a email and will try and help you to post photo's, best to correspond via email as this will take a good while.

Great pictures of your MP18,1 The photos are nice and clear with lots of detail. Good job

I believe you have shed some new light on the trommel magazine leather carriers and they will now be a hot item.

Can not remember the exact post but awhile back another member showed some pictures of a Canadian museum with a MP18,1 and it also had the leather trommel magazine pouch with the machine gun.

This photo and the one from the museum is now worthy of exploring as their has long been a dark cloud hanging over the leather carrier as an original item for the TMo8 magazine.

The canvas carrier has been the only accepted pouch for the TM08 magazine as an additional accoutrement used for the artillery luger, however we now have two examples for the MP18,1 and yours has a date stamp.

Very interesting indeed.
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